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Melissa Sutkowski is an American actress, writer, and producer. She graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and has since worked professionally on both coasts. Melissa has starred in several films such as 'Death of the Family Tree', 'You Can Count On Me' and 'Momma Don't Go'. She is currently acting in and producing 'The Inner Edge', a film that was a finalist in the Hometown Heroes contest with the Duplass Brothers. Her TV credits include several ID Network shows and commericials for HTC, ProActiv and Jockey.
As a producer, Melissa has written and is producing a documentary film called 'The Messengers' about a Mid-western woman who channels unwritten languages from deep in the Amazon jungle. She just wrapped her short film 'The Death of the Family Tree' in association with Galileo Films. 
She has written several other films including 'A Year on Mars' and a comedy called 'The Blue Lobster'.
She is also a proud WIMPS member and is dedicated to building a female presence on  all upcoming projects.
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